Ah good ole summertime! Time to hit the beach for a little R&R, devour the latest spy thriller, make a couple new business connections or twelve, and update the browser on your PC.

What? That’s one boring suggestion. We know. Going to the beach CAN be pretty dull! But updating your browser? Now that’s exciting! In case you’re not up to speed on the latest hot browser news, read on. This article will tell you what you need to know for best practices computing with Primerica.

After 12 years, Microsoft ended its support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. If you are still running the XP operating system on your computer (and many are), then it may be time to upgrade your OS, your computer, or both. Two reasons. One, Microsoft has stopped issuing XP security updates, which leaves your computer more vulnerable to viruses and malware. XP is both old and popular, which means the chinks in its security armor are better known than most operating systems.

Two, XP is not capable of running any IE browser past IE 8, which is three versions old. Like old operating systems, old browsers are more susceptible to cyber attacks. This puts your computer at a double security risk. Upgrading to the most current operating system will greatly enhance online security, offer modern browsing features, and let you choose from a wide selection of mobile and desktop devices. Let’s face it: the computing world has changed just a little since 2002! Desktops, laptops and tablets offer more computing power and protection for the money than ever before.

And here’s one more reason why you may want to consider an upgrade. Primerica is no longer supporting IE 8, IE 9 or IE 10 as preferred browsers. We’ve been working hard to streamline our browser support and move our support to the most popular (and robust) browsers. To make pages and functionality in Primerica Online, TurboApps and Virtual Base Shop look and work their best, we recommend using the following supported browsers:

Google Chrome (Recommended)
Internet Explorer 11, non-compatibility mode

Apple Mac
Safari 6.0.5 or higher Note: Not all applications on POL are compatible with Mac

iPad Tablet
Safari (current production release for device)

Android Tablet
Google Chrome (current production release for device)

Third-Party Websites

Primerica Online provides access to several third-party websites and we are working with these website providers to align our browser support. As a general rule, most third-party sites should function correctly under Internet Explorer 9 and 10, or 11 in compatibility mode.

Current & Future Support

It’s not always possible, but we do try to support new browser versions immediately upon their release plus one version back. We do not support beta or pre-production releases of any browser. And if you experience any problems using these supported browsers, contact our Tech Support team.

Don’t Forget iOS Updates

Similarly, with Apple devices we will be phasing out support for iOS 5 and iOS 6 in the next 45-60 days. To keep using the Primerica App we recommend updating your device to iOS 7 as soon as possible. Rumor has it Apple will be releasing iOS 8 this fall.

Just in case you’re tempted to do all this updating from your beach chair, remember it’s always best to update your wireless device by plugging it into a power source and connecting to a secure wi-fi source. Make sure you’ve backed up your files to the cloud or your hard drive before you start.

Sure, keeping your computing devices up to date and running properly can seem a little tedious. But it’s all part of the technology world in which we live and work. And you’ll be so glad you did when you present Primerica’s life-changing financial products and principles to a family who desperately needs to know (on a device that works like it should),

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Jim Ney (Rhymes with Finance Guy)

In the past three decades, Kansas SNS Jim Ney has built an outstandingly successful business that spans almost half of the United States. We took 5 minutes to ask him 5 questions about his Primerica experience.

How long have you been with Primerica?

We just finished our thirty-first year, starting our thirty-second.

Why did you join?

I always wanted my own business. Iwanted to pay off some student loans, so my wife could work part time and we could have some babies. And we fell in love with what Primerica does. That’s the whole story. Who would have known that it would turn into 60 offices in 20 states with 80 RVPs?

What are your favorite POL tools – and why?

Coming from the olden days when there weren’t as many resources and everything was on paper —going from that 30 years ago to today where everything is at your fingertips is amazing. I don’t think people appreciate what it would take in business to create that support system. If you were in business for yourself, you’d be constantly creating widgets to support what you need. And the Financial services business is so educational- and informational- intensive with always changing laws and regulation. To think we pay so little for so much; such phenomenal support for the company.

There’s so much inside POL, and it is great. I don’t need to know it all. I just need to know it when I need to know it. It’s all on a need to know basis, and when you need to know it’s there.

What have you learned building your Primerica Business?

Don’t ever get to high and don’t ever get too low; just keep working.

What advice do you have for all the future RVPs out there?

If you believe in your cause and adamantly portray your belief in your cause people will follow you. You can’t worry about what other people think; stay after it long term. All good things go to those people who stay after it. While you are watching everyone else quit, you are still standing.

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“The world is a smaller place!” We hear this phrase all the time. But…it is? Because really, there’s no way to shorten the distance from California to Florida – it’s still 3,000 miles. And if you’re covering Canada from one end to the other, get ready to drive five days. The vast land mass known as North America hasn’t shrunk one smidge! Yet if you want to connect with a client or prospect who doesn’t happen to reside anywhere near you, amazing technology lets you do just that in seconds, not minutes. No vehicle needed!

Primerica Reps, consider join.me, a fast, easy online tool* that lets you connect with one person or many, share documents, presentations and training materials with clients, prospects and teammates in any convenient location with an Internet connection. Use it to host a virtual Kitchen Table presentation and step through a Life app, IBA or Quick Quote. The handy presenter swap feature lets you pass screen control, so clients can securely sign and complete the application during the online appointment.

Mobile apps let you present directly from your iPad or attend a meeting from your iPhone or Android smartphone. Desktop screen sharing works on either PC or Mac and requires no software. Number of meetings? Unlimited. And you can pack each one with up to 250 participants. Use the meeting scheduler to plan meetings ahead of time or pull them together on the fly. Join.me’s features are intuitive and require no training.

An early join.me adopter, Regional Leader Jimmy Ward set up an online appointment on his iPad, then stepped through a life insurance presentation, passed screen control so his client could sign the application, and closed the sale. He also conducted several online training meetings with his team. Results? “I have used a few other similar tools, but join.me is by far faster and more user-friendly,” says Jimmy. “Also, no freezing is a big plus. I recommend it to all for these reasons.”

In other words, join.me gave Jimmy the opportunity to make his world a little smaller and the potential to grow his business a lot bigger! Want to do the same? To give join.me a try, click here to go to the exclusive Primerica sign-up page. And remember, join.me is a tax-deductible business expense.

Join.me is offering Primerica Reps a special opportunity to purchase a 1-year Pro subscription for half price ($75/year). Or, start with the free 14-day trial, no credit card necessary. The only requirement is you must sign up with your Primerica email.**

Check out the Join.Me YouTube video for a 30-second quick view.

* Primerica does not make guarantees regarding the usability or functionality of any online video collaboration tool or its ability to provide service to its users. Primerica Representatives who use any online video collaboration tools operated by a third-party provider are subject to the terms of use of the third-party provider.

** Primerica Reps must follow the Compliance Guidelines for Video/Web Conferencing Tools, which can be found on POL by visiting Field Support > Field Technology > Resource Centers > Using Video/Web Conferencing Tools. Note: The Join.Me Recording feature has been disabled for Primerica Representatives due to the prohibition of such activities under current Compliance Guidelines.

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New releases, product updates, fixes and enhancements… we use these words often in Field Technology as our project teams continuously work to improve our sales and business management tools and reports. As we move into a new year, our ultimate goal is to give Primerica Representatives the ability to access our content and tools on any device and any browser anytime, anywhere.

What does that mean? It means big things are ahead! Here are 5 exciting ways we’re working to improve technology in 2014.

  1. Firming up the Functionality – We’re working to create uniform functionality across our systems so that, regardless of whether you connect with a laptop, desktop or smartphone or tablet, all applications will operate the same.
  2. More with Mobile – We’ll continue our strategy of investing development resources into the Android and Apple iOS operating systems (after all they DO hold 90% of the market share), BUT we’re keeping a sharp eye on ways to support other devices too.
  3. Bigger & Better with Browsers – We run our web-based business applications on today’s most commonly used browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 (non-compatibility mode for Windows XP), Internet Explorer 9 (non-compatibility mode for Windows Vista & Windows 7), Internet Explorer 10, as well as Safari for Mac and iPad. But from here on out, ALL new development projects will be certified for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari!
  4. Onward with Offline – An offline data gathering tool that syncs with POL via an Internet connection…a mobile proposal tool… Look for us to add more offline features on the Primerica App in addition to the highly popular Quick Quote, Insurance Needs Analysis, Saving for Retirement calculators and Savings and Loan calculators.
  5. Meshing Mobile with Web – We announced them at Convention, we’ve been working them in beta for months and now we’re about to bust them out company-wide. That’s right, the Engage for 90 Challenge and Client Relationship Manager are heading your way early 2014 – two tools that integrate mobile with web and will change the way you do business.

So stay tuned! Exciting innovations await you and your team as we look to the future and continue to build tech tools that empower your ability to help Main Street America become properly protected, debt free, and financially independent. Happy New Year to you from the Field Technology Team!

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tablet working 2

When a licensed Primerica Representative offers a client a life insurance quote, makes a life sale or even brings a new recruit on board with Primerica, that Rep is putting some of our most cutting-edge technology to work – the TurboApps* suite of web-based tools.

With a high-speed internet connection and a laptop or tablet, TurboApps gives Primerica Reps the ability to do business in real time with ease and simplicity, right at the Kitchen Table. The following modules, accessible from Primerica Online, put remarkable business-building power at their fingertips.

TurboApps Quick Quote: Talking to a friend about life insurance? Many people don't know how much life insurance they might need or what it might cost. Quick Quote lets you create a personalized insurance analysis for your client – a simple snapshot of potential coverage options and costs. With this tool you can even tailor the options based on how much money your client can afford to spend a month.

TurboApps Life: Ready to make the sale? Maximize your time and your clients' by using TurboApps to enter and submit the Life insurance application electronically, in real time, right at the Kitchen Table! Some life apps even qualify for Instant Issue — you can know within minutes whether your client is approved for coverage.

TurboApps IBA: Ready to build your team? With TurboApps IBA, you can quickly and efficiently step new Recruits though the business onboarding process. In fact, many recruits can even qualify for instant-issue solution numbers, which means they can plug into Primerica Online and sign up for pre-licensing class right away! Immediate engagement means new Reps get started faster, doing the right things right away to get licensed, make sales and recruit others.

Proposals: Want to show clients how to become properly protected, debt free and financially independent? Use this TurboApps tool to help them create a customized, complimentary roadmap for achieving financial success. A benefit to anyone with children, debt and dreams for retirement.

Quality business-building tools like TurboApps enable Reps to engage clients, prospects or new recruits quickly and efficiently – wherever they may be! We love doing our part to make getting started and moving forward with Primerica a positive, exciting experience. And it just keeps getting better. Look for more mobile solutions and offline tools that can be used without an Internet connection – coming soon in 2014!

*TurboApps and proposals are available to Full Service POL subscribers only.

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